Prof. Esp. Rodrigo Moura Fernandes

Electrical Engineer (Control Systems), with a Post Graduate degree in Data Science (4.0 GPA, 2019) and a graduate from Cybersecurity Risk Management course from Harvard University (3.8 GPA, 2019). Several other certificates in Cyber Security and AML courses over the past years. An extensive background of value adding expertise in the Financial Markets, but also in several other senior positions and industries, for over 23 years. I built a few companies from the ground up successfully and I also was called to turn around businesses, with much success, that had their IT and Cyber Security failing or lacking.
I’m also an Entrepreneur: I built a company from zero, taking to the stock markets, with profits, high frequency trading algorithms in a cooperation with the Brazilian National Physics Research Institute (CBPF) and by having development teams located in Ukraine, London and New York.
I acted as a consultant for enterprises that had their IT and Cyber Sec lacking and, with the success of my work, I was hired to act as CIO, CISO and Member of the Board for one of the largest cookie and pasta companies in Brazil. I made a huge turn around in its IT, implementing a whole new ERP system, shrinking costs by over 20%, developing a whole new software development methodology and building its information security from the ground up.
I designed a three-year plan to turn around all its Systems, Cyber Security and Infrastructure, leading a team of 115 and budgets of over USD20M. At the end of the first year, we featured as an International case for Microsoft, being shown as successfully pioneering in software development with TFS CI/CD, when we had a huge productivity increase while decreasing costs by 60%.
As a CISO, I built the whole security architecture for a company, for several years, we moved from one set of technologies to others as threats were also raising concern. The company was composed of an Asset Manager, a VC and a Bank. I was promoted to Managing Director for the Bank, where I was in charge to create the Anti Money Laundering, Internal Audit, Operational Risk and Compliance departments. I also advised the VC company in IT and Cyber Sec areas of its investments and teamed up with other Senior Execs to build new, successful and profitable companies. Cyber defense author at FACULDADE IBPTECH.